mills.hpc Cluster Report for Fri, 23 Feb 2018 07:00:03 -0500
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Overview of mills.hpc
CPUs Total:5064
Hosts up:196
Hosts down:7
Current Load Avg (15, 5, 1m):
  8%, 8%, 8%
Avg Utilization (last hour):
  2018-02-23 06:59

mills.hpc LOAD mills.hpc MEM mills.hpc CPU mills.hpc NETWORK mills.hpc NETWORK mills.hpc CPU
Pie Chart
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load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 136 days, 20:46:40 ago
load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 65 days, 10:34:42 ago
load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 136 days, 20:46:22 ago
load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 136 days, 20:46:08 ago
load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 136 days, 20:46:04 ago
load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 136 days, 20:46:02 ago
load_one: down
 Last heartbeat 136 days, 20:46:02 ago
n151 n153 n150 n149
n155 n000 n001 n103
n135 n114 n115 n137
n134 n136 n142 n196
n097 n045 n138 n197
n051 n050 n054 n048
n047 mills n046 n192
n178 n083 n100 n187
n029 n102 n002 n099
n064 n128 n025 n014
n131 n129 n127 n130
n194 n139 n140 n193
n198 n133 n132 n123
n201 n200 n199 n112
n202 n109 n110 n111
n116 n117 n122 n141
n124 n121 n120 n118
n119 n126 n145 n168
n169 n170 n167 n166
n161 n162 n163 n171
n172 n177 n179 n180
n176 n175 n173 n174
n160 n159 n191 n190
n189 n147 n146 n144
n181 n188 n156 n182
n157 n158 n108 n183
n185 n184 n143 n095
n028 n030 n031 n032
n027 n026 n022 n023
n024 n033 n034 n040
n041 n042 n043 n039
n038 n035 n036 n037
n021 n020 n003 n004
n005 n007 ddn-oss4-ib ddn-oss3-ib
ddn-mds2-ib ddn-oss1-ib ddn-oss2-ib n008
n009 n016 n017 n018
n019 n015 n013 n010
n011 n012 n044 n052
n085 n087 n088 n089
n084 n082 n078 n079
n080 n090 n091 n098
n104 n105 n106 n096
ddn-mds1-ib n092 n093 n094
n077 n076 n060 n061
n062 n063 n059 n058
n055 n056 n057 n065
n066 n072 n073 n074
n075 n071 n070 n067
n068 n069 n107

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