HPC On-Demand Services

On-demand is an effort to increase the utilization of centrally-managed HPC resources. Students, faculty, and staff of the University may use this service to submit specific kinds of computational tasks for execution on an HPC system. The requester provides some information about the task and any necessary input files or data via a web form. Behind the scenes, the task is matched to an HPC system and executes when adequate resources become available.

This service is currently provided at no charge to UD faculty, students, and staff. Suggestions for other On-Demand job types are welcome, please email them to it-hpc-sysadmin at udel dot edu.

Click the link below for the service you wish to use and complete the form for submitting your job.

The Gaussian '03 and '09 series of quantum chemistry programs. Jobs are limited to 24 processor cores and 2.5 GB of memory per requested core.